Hugmun Studio and Botnia Fuse Forces for Natural Skincare Harmony

By Rasmus Vestergaard
Published 26/06/2023
Category: Project
Featuring: Hugmun Studio

As the skincare market proliferates, Botnia – a Californian skincare brand – grapples with the challenge of embodying its philosophy in its brand identity. ‘We are nature’ is not merely a catchphrase for Botnia; it informs its production process, product range, and, ultimately, its packaging design.

Hugmun Studio, a Copenhagen-based design agency, collaborated with Botnia to create a packaging solution that aligns with this philosophy and extends its reach to holistic estheticians and eco-conscious consumers.

Materials that Echo the Message

Hugmun’s primary objective was to mirror the soul of Botnia’s products in the packaging and visual branding – a manifestation of its commitment to nature, inclusivity, health, and well-being.

Part of the solution was to introduce a minimalistic logo. The simplicity of the logo and fonts reflects Botnia’s use of pure ingredients. Illustrator Dominika Brychcy supplemented this narrative by studying the Botnia micro-farm to create illustrations that capture the brand’s essence and pay homage to its product line’s natural beauty. The outer packaging, crafted from raw grey-brown cardboard by Marceli Printery in Poland, underscores the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Material choices played an integral role in shaping Botnia’s refreshed brand image. Aluminium, a naturally occurring material, was left unpainted on the bottles and jars to underscore the brand’s authenticity and alignment with nature.

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