Gemma Colomé and Sand Soul & Skin fight the female-oppressive beauty world

By Rasmus Vestergaard
Published 09/11/2022
Category: Project
Featuring: Gemma Colomé

Anti-wrinkles, age-control or firming creams. Sand & Soul Skin is against using such terms and products. They want to celebrate and promote natural beauty through their lines of skincare products. The Swedish company worked with Sweden-based graphic designer Gemma Colomé on a brand that is natural, raw and unretouched. Together, they set out to change the current female-oppressive beauty world.

Embracing imperfections

“The design process was a constant balance between form and functionality while following S&SS’s main values: nature, sustainability and transparency,” says Gemma Colomé. She wanted to communicate sustainability without compromising aesthetics, allowing the product to speak for itself and embody the brand values. So they chose to keep plastic out and use recycled materials for the packaging.

Gemma says, “The packaging aims to reflect the natural nature of skin and its imperfections. We use recycled and textured paper that is far from perfect and wooden lids that are all different from each other. I also wanted the jars to be a beautiful object you could have on display in your home.”

Like the sun’s reflections on the water

“I wanted the brand to have simple but solid ‘ingredients’. I didn’t want to overcrowd the product with unnecessary design elements but still make it unique. This resulted in a custom logotype and symbol, two brand fonts, a colour palette that helps to differentiate the different products and dreamy custom brand imagery.”

“The sea was one of the founding elements of the brand; therefore, the brand colours reflect its naming. Blue shades from the water and ochre/terracotta shades from the sand” add Gemma Colomé

On the secondary packaging, lines cross the packaging, again inspired by nature. “The main inspiration for these lines was the reflection that the sun has on the ocean,” Gemma explains. “The effect creates this uneven organic pattern we wanted to bring to the packaging. We also liked the idea that the lines’ crack’ around the packaging, like the nature of skin does.”

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