4 brews of kombucha packaging design

By Rasmus Vestergaard
Published 28/02/2023
Category: Listicle

Kombucha has struggled with becoming mainstream here in the Nordics. Despite its probiotic attributes, non-alcohol alternative and typically low sugar, the fermented drink is usually found in niche stores, targeting hip or health-oriented audiences. A few kombucha brands are trying to change that, and NPD have gathered four brands to see how a complex product is communicated.

And if you’re wondering what exactly kombucha is, here goes. Kombucha is a soft drink made by fermenting tea with a symbiotic culture known as SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). The added sugar in the tea is converted to alcoholics, organic acids and other nutrients. Some chose kombucha as a healthier soda, an alternative to alcoholic drinks or even as a mixer in cocktails.

Læsk by Everland

What does elderflower taste like? How about ginger or turmeric? Branding agency Everland used a seemingly simple approach when working on the packaging design for Danish kombucha maker Læsk. Flavourful and playful typography in a subtle frame. “Few design elements make up the brand universe, leaving room for flavour individuality and collaborations with other manufacturers,” as Everland writes.

Folk Kombucha by Ironflag and Rune Olsen

In the Copenhagen meat-packing district, you’ll find Folk Kombucha. The newly founded kombucha brewery seeks to “blend traditional fermentation techniques with science, infusing new life into an ancient beverage passed down through generations”, as they put it themselves. Copenhagen-based design studio Ironflag and graphic designer Rune Olsen worked on the visual identity and packaging design for Folk. The result takes colours from the history of the Copenhagen area and heavy industry combined with a custom-made logo.

Photography: Rune Olsen and Hedda Rysstad

København Kombucha by Sweet Sneak Studio

Every moment requires celebration. Danish København Kombucha wants to make every moment more festive and bubbly, so it decided to fill its kombucha in classic champagne bottles. Former Sweet Sneak Studio, now Hej Studio, crafted a brand identity and packaging design that resembles festive Champagne moments. “Deep, velvety tones and materials combined with golden highlights aim for a sophisticated look that makes København Kombucha stand out.”

Photography: © Morten Bentzon

Swee Kombucha by Bedow Design

“100% natural”. Georgia-based kombucha maker Swee is committed to using all-natural ingredients. Swedish design agency Bedow crafted a brand identity that visually communicates this commitment in two ways. Firstly, the ingredient list is turned into an infographic system where “each ingredient is represented by a bespoke colour and pattern which combine to create unique chromatic graphics, representing the percentage value of each ingredient.” Secondly, the wordmark is designed to reflect the symbiotic nature of the drink itself. The mark comes in “10 different iterations and represents the bacteria and yeast from which a kombucha SCOBY is formed.”

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