12 trophies won by Nordic agencies at Pentawards 2023

By Rasmus Vestergaard
Published 19/11/2023
Category: Listicle

This year’s edition of the prestigious Pentawards has announced its winners. And once again, Nordic agencies are standing out in a competitive crowd. 10 trophies in total, with Sweden taking five, Norway four and Denmark three.

Here are the agencies ranked by total wins:

  • Everland (DK) = 3 trophies (1 silver, 2 bronze)
  • Pakhaus (NO) = 2 trophies (1 silver, 1 bronze)
  • Pond Design (SE) = 1 trophy (gold)
  • Identity Works (SE) = 1 trophy (silver)
  • Brand Union (SE) = 1 trophy (bronze)
  • BVD (SE) = 1 trophy (bronze)
  • Drama Queen (SE) = 1 trophy (bronze)
  • OlssønBarbieri (NO) = 1 trophy (bronze)
  • Strømme Throndsen Design (NO) = 1 trophy (bronze)

Right, let’s dig into the winning projects.

The Cocktail Factory by OlssønBarbieri – Bronze

Award: Bronze

Category: Beverages

Sub-Category: Low and non-alcoholic drinks

OlssønBarbieri crafted the packaging design for “The Cocktail Factory,” an extension of the Shake-it Cordial Mixers brand. This range includes RTD cocktails and mocktails, presented in a 200ml bottle inspired by the original Shake-it design, offering a premium yet accessible feel.

The design incorporates vintage elements and modern aesthetics, featuring embossed labels with clear differentiation between alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. With its distinct grooves and colour coding, the packaging aligns with the brand’s commitment to quality while ensuring a standout shelf presence. An elegantly designed outer case accommodates 24 bottles, enhancing functionality and style.

Larsen Cognac Sneaker Edition by Drama Queen

Award: Bronze

Category: Beverages

Sub-Category: Luxury spirits

Is cognac only for snobs? Swedish agency Drama Queen and Larsen Cognac want to change this perception with the limited edition “Sneaker Edition”.

The launch aims to break stereotypes associated with cognac being exclusively for “wealthy old men in exclusive gentlemen’s clubs” and wants to make it more accessible to diverse audiences.

Drawing inspiration from street fashion and sneaker culture, the “Sneaker Edition” embodies the spirit of sneakers, focusing on details such as leather, stitching, laces, and buckles to create a premium experience. The packaging, reminiscent of designer shoes, includes a storage bag and shoebox, reflecting a high-class and unconventional approach.

The launch of this edition will occur in stages or “drops” across various global markets, starting with the Nordics and the Baltics, followed by a debut in Riga.

Rebæl by Everland

Award: Silver


Sub-Category: Soft drinks and juices

Everland designed distinctive packaging for Danish gastro-juice company Rebæl, capturing the essence of its revolutionary spirit.

Embracing Rebæl’s ethos of experimentation and risk-taking, the design mirrors the creativity and passion of an energetic entrepreneur and a sophisticated sommelier. Each bottle, treated as a piece of art, features collages that evoke tension, release, and marvel, reflecting the complex yet straightforward flavours.

This design approach effectively communicates Rebæl’s commitment to challenging conventions and offering unique taste experiences, setting them apart in the beverage category with an artful and uncompromising visual identity.

Making vitamins fun by BVD

Award: Bronze

Category: Body, Health & Beauty

Sub-Category: Private label – Body, skincare and beauty

BVD designed engaging and educational packaging for Apotek Hjärtat’s children’s nutritional supplements to make vitamins fun for kids and reassure parents of their quality.

The design strategy included colourful fruit illustrations, reflecting the Swedish nutritional chart’s wheel structure, to attract children and establish a connection to the product’s health benefits. Each illustration features handwritten text, helping parents make informed choices. This packaging concept, aligning with Apotek Hjärtat’s overall design system, places nutrition at its core, effectively blending appeal and functionality to cater to young consumers and their parents.

Bite by EverlanD

Award: Bronze

Category: Sustainable Design

Sub-Category: Sustainable design – Beverages

Everland rebranded and redesigned the packaging for The Syrup Co., now known as Bite, a company specialising in unique syrups for bars, cafés, and restaurants. The new design reflects Bite’s transition from a traditional supplier to an innovative, environmentally conscious creator of beverages.

Emphasizing BITE’s playful and progressive nature, the packaging features vibrant colours, an eclectic logotype, and simple yet powerful communication. A significant change was the shift from glass bottles to eco-friendly bag-in-box packaging, greatly reducing environmental impact and emphasizing Bite’s commitment to sustainability and creative disruption in the beverage market.

For Real Foods by Pond Design

Award: Gold

Category: Food

Sub-Category: Ready-to-eat dishes and fast food

Pond Design reimagined packaging for For Real Foods, which offers innovative, low-carb, nutritious pizzas made from chicken or cabbage instead of traditional dough.

Tasked with highlighting the product’s health benefits and targeting conscious consumers, Pond Design developed a concept they call “pizza-tech,” projecting a forward-thinking image for frozen pizza. The packaging features a smaller, space-efficient box optimized for transportation to differentiate from standard pizzas. The design showcases raw, realistic images of the main ingredients, chicken and cabbage, combined with bold graphics and playful messaging.

Mizone Carbon Smart Concept Bottle by Everland

Award: Bronze

Category: Professional Concepts

Sub-Category: Professional conceptual work – Sustainable design

Everland designed the innovative “Carbon Smart” concept bottle for Mizone, a leading Chinese vitamin drink brand owned by Danone. This groundbreaking bottle, made from captured CO2 and recycled materials, represents Mizone’s commitment to reducing atmospheric carbon.

The design features a sleek, rounded shape with balanced graphic elements and cloudy gradients, symbolizing harmony and nature’s recycling system. Everland creatively interpreted the carbon capture theme, integrating it into Mizone’s iconic cloud-shaped bottle through a gradient look. This design underscores Mizone’s environmental efforts and aligns with its innovative and forward-thinking brand identity.

Reused Remade by Brand Union

Award: Bronze

Category: Sustainable Design

Sub-Category: Sustainable design – Home, leisure & other markets

Brand Union crafted a new brand identity and packaging design for Reused Remade, emphasizing sustainability and circularity. The initiative, started by founders Pia Walter and Josephine Alhanko, repurposes discarded hotel linens into shopping and beach bags and towels into beauty products

Brand Union’s design highlights the thread as a key brand element, infusing it into the logo and creating playful iconography. The colour palette mirrors nature’s seasons, blending bright spring pastels with earthy tones. This reinvention positions Reused Remade as a brand championing reusability, aligning with its mission of a more circular society.

Morakniv by Identity Works

Award: Bronze

Category: Sustainable Design

Sub-Category: Sustainable design – Home, leisure & other markets

Identity Works collaborated with Morakniv to create a new, recyclable knife packaging, aligning with Morakniv’s 130-year tradition of quality and sustainability from the Swedish crafting village of Mora. Emphasizing the principle “Quality takes no shortcuts,” this partnership focused on developing an environmentally friendly packaging design, reflecting Morakniv’s commitment to durability and eco-consciousness.

The innovative packaging, part of a broader brand identity enhancement, supports Morakniv’s ambition for global expansion, allowing them to share their high-quality, sustainable products with a wider audience while adhering to their core values of longevity and environmental responsibility.

4HER by Strømme Throndsen Design

Award: Bronze


Sub-Category: Health care

Gardslaboratoriet by Pakhaus

Award: Bronze


Sub-Category: Spirits (Clear)

Norwegian Pakhaus developed the “Gardslaboratoriet” concept for Gardsbrenneriet, merging science with distilling. This innovative series, created by two chemical engineers on their farm, features a range of spirits made with unique machines and techniques.

Inspired by old laboratory bottles and scientific methods, the design showcases botanical illustrations of imaginary plants representing the spirits’ ingredients. The packaging includes embossed details like alcohol production formulas and Gardsbrenneriet’s coordinates, complemented by strong colour coding to emphasize product names.

Gardsbrenneriets Sideri by Pakhaus

Award: Silver


Sub-Category: Beer and cider

Pakhaus designed the “Terroir of Cider” project for Gardsbrenneriet, focusing on ciders made from naturally fermented apples and fruits from their own farms. The design concept centres on the cider’s origin or terroir, creatively using topographic map lines from Gardsbrenneriet’s farm on the labels.

Drawing inspiration from classic French Champagnes, the design includes detailed texts, location-based elements like geographical coordinates, and illustrations of Gardsbrenneriet’s farmhouse, contrasting with grand French castles. Traditional elements are blended with unconventional shapes and colours, ensuring the products stand out on supermarket shelves.

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